Friday, 18 November 2011

Extra A380 Dubai-London flight on Emirates: more connection options

Emirates will upgrade a third daily return flight between Dubai and London's Heathrow Airport to the airline's flagship Airbus A380 this January.
For Australian travellers on the Kangaroo Route, that means another option for more comfortable seats on their connecting flight -- especially in business class -- and more seats available on the route.
The flights, EK029 to Heathrow and EK030 back to Dubai, will be upgraded to the A380 from 24 January 2012.
Currently, they're on Boeing 777-300ER planes, which have a less comfortable angled lie-flat business class seat than Emirates' world-class A380 business class fully flat bed.
That extra comfort, the stand-up bar at the back (ever popular on London flights), direct aisle access, more privacy, extra space and quieter A380 cabin all mean that savvy business travellers prefer Emirates' A380 flights where the schedules match up.
EK029 leaves Dubai at 0940 and arrives in London at 1330. Return flight EK030 departs at 1635 and arrives back in Dubai at 0325 the next morning. Each flight takes just under seven hours.
Eastbound, that's just enough time for a bite to eat, a drink and a chat at the bar, and a movie or a snooze before connecting in Dubai for the 14-hour onward journey to Australia. Westbound, it means you'll be able to top up your sleep onboard before hitting London at lunchtime.
Many Australian flights via Dubai are timed to connect with EK001 (also an A380 flight) to London, which departs at 0745. But an extra A380 connection a couple of hours later is useful in case of delays and in case that EK001 flight is full.
Eastbound, the extra flight is less useful -- except if you're doing business in Dubai or happen to be taking Emirates up on one of its regular free hotel stopover in Dubai offers. In those cases, it's one more option to get to and from London in greater comfort.
If you're flying on Emirates' A380, make sure you pick the best seats in business class -- buzzing seat next to a colleague near the bar, or quiet private corner near the front of the plane? 
Source: Australian Business Traveller

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